Valentine's Day Sight Word Game

Valentine's Day Sight Word Game and Preschool Printable
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With Valentine's Day coming up in a few weeks and, if you need a few holiday ideas for your centers, here's a cute candy heart sight word game printable from Julie over at Make, Take & Teach {via Classroom Freebies}. Complete with seven different game boards and perfect for small group instruction or your literacy center, there are several ways to play...

  • Say and Cover. Have students identify and say each sight word as they move their game piece {a candy heart, heart gem, etc.} along the path.
  • Roll, Identify, and Cover. Add a game die to the mix, inviting students to roll the die, identify the number displayed, count out the number of spaces on the board, then identify and say the sight word on the space. If they identify it correctly they can move their game marker to cover the space. If they are unable to identify the sight word it becomes the next player's turn. The student to advance their game piece to the end of the path, wins!

However you decide to play, be sure to head over to Classroom Freebies to pick up your free copy of the Valentine's Day game!