Valentine's Day Pre-Writing Practice

Valentine's Day Pre-Writing Preschool Printable
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We found this fun Valentine's Day pre-writing exercise over at The Preschool Toolbox Blog and thought it would offer a fun addition to your holiday writing center! Disguised as a game, your preschoolers are sure to have a blast as they strengthen hand muscles, practice holding a pencil, and build beginning handwriting skills. All you need to do in order to complete the activity is print the worksheet and create a game die...

  • Purchase a wooden craft block, printing a different writing pattern on each side.
  • Print a foldable die template, print a different writing pattern onto each side, then cut out and assemble. {Classroom Copilot has a printable/editable die template.}
  • Download, print, and fold this FREE die template! {As you can see, Classroom Copilot's printable/editable die template was used to create it!} If interested, click on the picture to download.
Pre-Writing Preschool Printable
Example game die + FREE download

For this fun Valentine's Day pre-writing printable, be sure to visit The Preschool Toolbox Blog!

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