Uses for Your Homemade Watercolor Paints

Since we've discussed how to make our own watercolor paints, here is a list of projects that put them to good use!

Watercolors & Rubber Cement

Provide your students with a piece of watercolor paper. Instruct them to drop, dribble, drizzle, and draw on their paper with the rubber cement. As the glue dries, ask your children to collect their watercolor paints, paint brushes, and water for cleaning. Once the glue has hardened, encourage them to paint the paper. After the paint has dried, the glue can be picked off to reveal crisp white lines beneath. Watercolors & Melted Crayon

Use old Crayola crayons and a cheese grater, to create fine wax shavings. Encourage your students to sprinkle these colorful shavings across their watercolor paper. Set up an ironing station (run by a trusted adult) where student papers are covered by a piece of wax paper and ironed so that the crayon shavings melt. Once the crayon cools, invite your students to paint over the dried wax with watercolors for a great artistic effect!

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Be sure to check out the rest of Jean's post at The Artful Parent for project directions and pictures! With these ideas, your students will be busy with their home made watercolors for days!

11 fun watercolor projects for kids - The Artful Parent

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