Use Recycled Bottle Caps to Create A Mural!

Remember this awesome recycled bottle cap mural created by Holly and her kiddos?

Collaborative Recycling Art Project for Kids
Photo Source: Lines, Dots and Doodles | Find the full post here!

Over at Mrs. Art Teacher!, we stumbled across another fabulous example of what happens when you add art and recycling together, along with some creativity and collaboration! Check out this amazing mural they created!

Photo Source: Mrs. Art Teacher!

There is no one right way to tackle this project, but here are a few tips that were shared from the experience;

  • This is a large undertaking, but of course, totally worth it! Have a plan for completion, but remember that you won't fully know what you're working with until you get into the project.
  • 1/2" plywood makes a great/sturdy base for the mural.
  • Determine your design beforehand. Sketch the design onto the plywood, using paint to color it in or (at the very least) write in what colors are to be used where so that students have a guide.
  • You'll need a ton of bottle caps in all different colors so start collecting early! Contact your local coffee shops to see if they'll save milk jug lids for you!
  • Wash all of the caps before use. While you'd expect the caps to be cleaned before being sent in, there's no reason to run the risk of your mural smelling like spoiled milk/food!
  • Before attaching any of the caps to the board, separate the caps by color/shade.
  • When tackling the design, do the smaller detailed work first, then fill in the larger blocks of color.

So any great tips! If you plan to tackle a project like this, we suggest heading over to Mrs. Art Teacher! for the full post. She does a more in-depth breakdown of how she and her kiddos created this stunning mural!

Here are some close-ups of the finished project!

Photo Source: Mrs. Art Teacher!
Photo Source: Mrs. Art Teacher!
Photo Source: Mrs. Art Teacher!
Photo Source: Mrs. Art Teacher!