Ugly Bugs! - Math, Fine Motor, & More!

Bug Math and Fine Motor Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We loved this fantastic math center activity idea from Raising Sparks! [We loved it so much that we were inspired to make some of the suggested prompts into worksheets that you can download to go along with the lesson!] Not only will this activity have your kiddos practice counting and simple addition/subtraction, it'll strengthen hand muscles and fine motor control while also sparking their imagination and giving them a fun science review of bugs! {It's pure kinder teacher gold!}

Supplies You'll Need

  • Play dough in assorted colors
  • Colorful drinking straws {the 'bendy' kind}
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Chenille stems
  • Ugly bug math worksheets {pictured/free download below}

Summer Bug Printable Worksheets and Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Each prompt invites your kiddos to create a new creature in order to solve a problem. For instance, if asked, "How many shoes does an ant need?" - students can use the play dough and other materials to create the ant, counting the number shoes as they attach them to their "ugly bug" creations. [NOTE: A brief science review of bugs, their shapes, and number of legs might be in order before you embark on this ugly bug math "journey"!]

Be sure to head on over to Raising Sparks and download our free worksheets for more great prompt inspiration!

Ugly Bugs! - Math, Fine Motor, & More!


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