Turn Your Kindergartners into Pirates!

Inspire new themes for pretend play with these fun pirate eye patches from Sherri Osborn at About.com!

Supplies You'll Need

- Eye patch template - Card stock - Black Wonderfoam sheet - Black yarn or leather cord - Kids craft scissors

Begin by printing the eye patch template provided onto sturdy card stock. Make a template for each group of four students, instructing them take turns tracing the patch onto their sheet of foam and using scissors to cut it out. Studying the eye patch template, invite your students to use a white colored pencil to draw the four lines at the top in preparation for the cord. When finished, have them bring their foam patch to you to create slits from the lines with a craft knife. At the same time, measure and cut a piece of string or leather cord that will fit around their head.

When they get back to their desk, invite them to thread the string through the slits and tie it off (making sure it fits before they tie the second side). If you desire, provide glitter glue pens and puffy paint for your students to personalize their pirate eye patches! Arrgh, Matey!

Pirate Eye Patch Craft - How to Make a Pirate Eye Patch

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