Turkey Potato Head Printables

Thanksgiving Pretend Play, Math, Literacy, and Reading Preschool Printable
Photo Source: kikicreates.blogspot.com

How utterly adorable are these turkey potato head printables from Kiki of Kiki Creates?! Can you believe they're free? By themselves, we are certain that this will keep your kiddos occupied for hours! However, as you can see below, the printables can also be 'tweaked' just a bit to create fun learning games...

Turkey Craft for Kids and Preschool Printable I {Kayla} teach a preschool class at church on Wednesday nights and we recently used Kiki's amazing Mr. and Mrs. Turkey Potato Head printables for a Bible verse scavenger hunt! Using simple word processing software, I added the words of our focus Bible verse to the turkey feathers and the verse reference to the turkey body cutout. Hiding the feathers around the classroom, my preschoolers had a grand time collecting one of each, putting them in the correct order, and assembling their verse turkey cutout! We imagine this would also work for practicing all sorts of skills...

  • As an early math activity, add numerals to the turkey body and create feathers featuring number words, dice, tally marks, simple addition/subtraction problems, etc.
  • Create a fun literacy center activity by adding word chunks to the turkey bodies {i.e. -an, -ip, -in, -am, etc.} and various words that fit into that specific word family onto the feathers.
  • For reading practice, provide students with turkey cutouts and place feathers, with sight words printed on them, face down in the center of the table. Invite students to take turns selecting a feather and identifying/reading the sight word printed on it. If read correctly, the player gets to keep the feather for their turkey. If identified incorrectly, the player places the feather back in the center of the table and it becomes the next player's turn.

We're just smitten with these colorful turkey printables! Be sure to visit Kiki Creates for this awesome download!

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