Transportation and Occupations Flash Cards

Transportation and Occupations Preschool Printables
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Perfect for a community helpers or "faces of the community" unit {even a transportation unit!}, these printables created by Gwyn and offered for free on her blog, Preschool Printables, are a great resource for the preschool classroom!

  • Create "Transportation" and "Occupation" flip books to introduce the new vocabulary to your students and strengthen word recognition.
  • Have your kiddos sort the flash cards {transportation v. occupation} then match the occupation cards to the mode of transportation used in that line of work.
  • Use the cards in your writing center, inviting students to complete various activities - trace the word, build the word using letter tiles, stamp the word using alphabet stamps, decorate the word, etc.
  • Print two sets of the cards and invite your preschoolers to test their matching/memory skills with a game of concentration.
  • Demonstrating their knowledge of the alphabet, invite your kiddos to put the flash cards in alphabetical order.
Be sure to head over to Gwyn's site for these awesome flash cards!

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