Toddler Activities that May Have Been Overlooked

Toddlers have a healthy independence. Many teachers get frustrated when their intricately planned lessons fail miserably because their students would rather play with the same old ball instead of sit still for 'real' learning. Melitsa, contributor to Blissfully Domestic, maintains that guided play is still a possibility and that there are a few activities that get overlooked. Shopping Baskets

Quite honestly, any basket can double as a grocery carrier. Collect a variety of items from around the classroom and, many times without even showing them how, your students will catch on to the exercise; emptying and filling the basket. Melitsa suggests that you look for items that are uniquely textured and stimulate touch. These may include metal and wood spoons, items that make noise, or even items that have distinctive smell. To keep this activity fun, periodically change out items. Your students will return to this exercise with renewed vigor.

For more insight on simple play activities that get overlooked, visit Melitsa's full entry at Blissfully Domestic!

5 Overlooked Toddler Activities

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