"Time Is Up!" FREE Printable Time Telling Game!

Photo Source: Bunting, Books and Bright Ideas

If you're working on telling time with your kiddos, we found this fun game over at Bunting, Books, and Bright Ideas and thought it was a great way to help your students practice what they've learned!

The concepts is rather simple. Students are provided with a game board filled with analog clocks; each clock, of course, displays a different time. In the center of the playing space are game cards (or in Christina's case, foam shapes) with the matching digital times.

Notes for game cards;

  • You'll need to add one whole set of time cards to the pile for each player. (For two players you'll need two sets/24 cards, for three players you'll need three sets/36 cards, etc.)
  • In addition to the time cards, for each student playing you'll need to add two "Time Is Up!" cards to the pile.

Students take turns drawing a card from the pile and matching the digital time to the correct analog clock on their game board. If they have already matched the time displayed on the card drawn, they put the card back and their turn is over. If a "Time Is Up!" card is drawn, students must put back one of the time cards they've already matched. Play continues until one student fills their game board!

To fit your needs, there are three versions of the game! 1) Time to the hour, 2) time to the hour and half hour, and 3) a 'mixture' of times. Be sure to visit Bunting, Books and Bright Ideas for these awesome printables! You can find the first two versions here and the 'mixed' time version here!