Three Letter Word Phonics Game

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Phonics can seem tedious for young learners. Here's a silly game created by Chrissie, mother and creator of the blog Flipflops & Applesauce, to help your kiddos review short vowel sounds and practice sounding out shorter vocabulary words.

Each game card features either two three letter words or the picture of a bicycle. To play, game cards are cut apart (and laminated to reduce wear and tear!), mixed up, and placed on the table face down. Students will then take turns drawing a card. If their selection is a word card, the child should then sound out the words and discard the game piece in the "discard" pile.

If their selection is a bicycle card, the child must do a silly dance and then places the card in front of them. At the end of the game, the player with the most bicycle cards wins! Be prepared for lots of laughs with this creative and fun phonics game! (And, of course, silly dances will help "get the wiggles out" on those days your students are particularly restless!)

If you feel that this game might be a bit advanced for your preschoolers, consider having students identify and name the letters found on the word cards instead of sounding them out. For the download, be sure to visit Chrissie's blog!

Happy playing!

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