"Three Ghost Friends" Halloween Sorting Activity

Halloween Math Sorting Preschool Printable
Photo Source: www.threeghostfriends.com

Here's a cute {and FREE!} sorting activity to go with Eric VanRaepenbusch's Three Ghost Friends children's book series. Of course, while it's a fun benefit, your kiddos do not need to be familiar with the books in order to complete the activity. A perfect addition to your Halloween center work plans, we love how the sorting activity will help develop both cognitive skills and eye-hand coordination!

Eric used a recycled box, plastic drinking cups, and craft sticks to present the activity to his little ones. You might also consider...

  • Using a pocket chart, adding a character to each pocket/line and inviting your students to place the character cards on the correct line.
  • Creating a sorting mat - like the simple activity mat below - and invite your students to place the character cards in the correct circle
    Halloween Math Sorting Preschool Printable
    *Adapted using free printable activity from www.threeghostfriends.com
  • Collect recycled lidded plastic cartons adding a character card label to the outside of each and cutting a slit in the lids. Have your students place the character cards through the slot and into the correct container.
Of course, you don't have to use this awesome printable just for sorting. When finished, try using the cards to play a memory/matching game of Concentration or Go Fish!
Don't miss out on this great activity! Visit Three Ghost Friends for the download!