The Thumbs-Up Game for Kindergartners

Wondering what games are fun and appropriate for your kindergarten classroom? Deborah J. Stewart, early childhood education professional and Teach Preschool blogger, suggests the "Thumbs-Up" game!

How To Play

  1. Ask for two or three student volunteers to come to the front of the classroom.
  2. Instruct the rest of your students to remain at their desks with their heads down and one thumb up.
  3. Invite your student volunteers to roam around the room, lightly tap one of their classmates on the thumb, then return to the front of the classroom. When tapped, this student, still keeping their head down, will put down their thumb.
  4. Once the volunteers are safely in place, invite the rest of the students to open their eyes and encourage those that have been tapped during the exercise to stand up. These students will then take turns guessing who they think tapped them.
  5. After each student has had a guess, whether they guessed correctly or not, each of the student volunteers will sit down and the students they selected will start the process all over again!

If you've ever heard of "Heads Up, Seven Up" this game is strikingly similar, but fun all the same!

Thumbs up game in kindergarten

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