The Second Characteristic of Highly Effective Educators - Maintaining a Positive Attitude

{Some teachers just seem to have it all together – their classroom is always organized, their students are always so well-behaved, and their positive attitude seems positively unshakeable. At times you might wonder,

Why does it seem that some educators are more successful at developing a well-managed classroom? Do these teachers have a certain set of characteristics that automatically set them apart when walking into a classroom?

When it comes to creating an engaging learning environment and a well-managed classroom, there are six characteristics that highly effective educators share... }

Effective educators maintain a positive attitude. A career in education can sometimes feel like a conundrum – on one hand, spending your day with a classroom full of children can be exciting, energizing, and rewarding and, on the other hand, it can be draining, trying, and overwhelming.

While it may seem simple enough, sometimes a positive attitude is hard to come by. The drudgery of the 'day to day' can sometimes squeeze out the spontaneity of teaching and the simple joy of being with your students. The dangerous thing is, negativity (constantly complaining about students, parents, the school board, aspects of the job, etc.) only breeds more negativity and can quickly take root in the classroom.

As you already know, students take their cues from you. If you're finding it hard to get excited about the day, your students will find it difficult to connect with your lessons. To help you through the inevitable low spots, consider brainstorming a list of "spirit lifters" that you can incorporate into your day when you need a fresh perspective!

  • Coffee with a close (grounding) friend
  • An energizing work out session at the gym
  • Shopping for an inexpensive school-friendly clothing accessory, etc.

You know yourself best so it stands to reason that you know what cheers you up! It might even be a positive idea to proactively incorporate these things into your schedule to prevent negativity from surfacing.

Bottom line – a teacher who is able to maintain perspective and a positive outlook in the classroom – is the one who will find it easier to commit to the day, come what may, and inspire a positive learning environment!