The Science of Sound

It can be difficult for young students to grasp the concept of sound waves. Joel Henriques, creator of the blog Made by Joel, has recreated this classic tin can telephone project for a more updated look and plenty of classroom fun! Tin Can Telephone Directions

  1. In the week leading up to the craft, have your students collect recycled cans from home. Each child or pair of children will need two cans that have been 'de-labeled' and washed. Remind parents that this activity will require students to place the cans by their ears and mouth so safety is top priority! Encourage them to use a can opener that leaves a smooth edge.
  2. Set up a 'hammering' station. Have students take turns using a nail and hammer to punch a hole in the bottom of the can. So that you can properly supervise this activity, only allow three or four students at the station at a time.
  3. Have a 'stringing' station where students thread pre-cut strings into the hole. If they need help tying a knot at the end of the string to keep it in the can, instruct your students to take it back to their desks then come around (after the hammers and nails are safely put away) to assist.
  4. For decoration, provide strips of colorful paper to be taped around the can so that each child can make their 'handset' their own!

This craft will provide hours of fun and a great supplement to science lessons!

Made by Joel: Tin Can Telephones

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