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Lauren from has compiled a wonderful resource to use when stocking your kid-friendly play zones with the newest and best educational toys and supplies. First unveiled at the 2010 New York International Toy Fair, her article discusses the coolest toys to enter the market this year. Here are some additions to consider.

LEGO® Creationary

Lego has finally created its own line of board games where students can put their building skills to the test. Creationary, described as Pictionary with LEGO® pieces, is designed for ages seven to twelve and tests student’s fine motor and building skills in four distinct categories; vehicles, buildings, nature, or things. As one student builds, their teammates try to guess what the object is. A fun game that encourages teamwork, imagination, and coordination! Button Art by Alex Toys

Made for ages two and up, Button Art from Alex Toys encourages fine motor and cognitive development. Each kit comes with ten color-coded pictures and forty-six chunky buttons that snap into place. Children will have fun matching colored buttons to the picture, learning about complimentary colors, and exploring their own creativity.

ImagiPLAY® Lacing Scapes

Not appropriate for children under three, this fun product strengthens fine motor skills, stretches the imagination, and encourages problem-solving skills. Complete with a wooden base and fifteen individual pieces, children are encouraged to lace objects together to create unique scenes. It can be challenging for small hands, but provides hours of fun!

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