The First Characteristic of Highly Effective Educators - Modeling Enthusiasm for Learning

Some teachers just seem to have it all together – their classroom is always organized, their students are always so well-behaved, and their positive attitude seems positively unshakeable. At times you might wonder,

Why does it seem that some educators are more successful at developing a well-managed classroom? Do these teachers have a certain set of characteristics that automatically set them apart when walking into a classroom?

When it comes to creating an engaging learning environment and a well-managed classroom, there are six characteristics that highly effective educators share...

Modeling Enthusiasm for Effective Classroom Managment
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Effective educators model enthusiasm for learning. Never forget that you set the tone of your learning space and, oftentimes, student attitudes mirror those of the teacher.

Teaching is hard. Delighting 26 to 30 uniquely designed little (or not-so-little) minds every day, all day is completely absurd – but deigning to spark even a few of their imaginations and interest in learning with a positive attitude, diverse lessons, and a personal enthusiasm for learning is very doable. You may not inspire them all at the same time, but keeping a fresh perspective and constantly looking for new ways to present material provides a greater probability for success! Here are a few things to keep in mind…
  • Incorporate your students’ interests. For instance, if your students are crazy for social media, consider revising classroom activities to incorporate them. Invite students to discuss the day’s reading assignment in 140 character “tweets”. Have students shape a specific historical event into a Facebook discussion {see example below from SociableSport}.
Classroom Management Strategies
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  • Find new ways to incorporate technology – classroom blogs, iPads/apps, digital cameras/video cameras, etc.
  • Demonstrate how standard classroom equipment and materials can be used in new ways.
  • Commit to unearthing something entirely new about the topic at hand – telling students about something you've learned and demonstrating your continued pursuit of knowledge.
  • Change classroom materials to reflect new topics, themes, and concepts – providing a sense of newness and spark students' desire to explore “old” centers.

Modeling enthusiasm for learning is key if you desire a well-run, efficient, and effective classroom environment!