"The Apples of My Eye" Fall Bulletin Board Idea

A fun idea for fall, we think this apple themed bulletin board idea would be awesome when paired with an apple exploration day - i.e. making applesauce, observing/tasting different kinds of apples, doing apple experiments, etc. It's simple, festive, and best of all, created mostly by the kiddos!

Apple Craft for Kids

The bulletin board features simple construction paper apples decorated by the students. These are easy to duplicate (check out the template provided below!) and would look super cute with actual apple seeds glued to them.

Printable Apple Template

The Apples of My Eye!

  • Background: Brown bulletin board paper or natural butcher paper.
  • Title: "The Apples of My Eye!"
  • Border: Fall or apple themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Use your students' apple crafts!

"The Apples of My Eye" Fall Bulletin Board Idea


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