The 90 Minute Literacy Block

Ideas for Daily Literacy Review
Photo Source: First Grade Fabulous Fish

If you're looking for a convenient way to provide your kiddos with literacy review, check out this 90 minute literacy block featured over at First Grade Fabulous Fish! The 90 minutes are divided into a 30 minute whole class session, followed by four 15 minute centers.

Whole Class Session

In the whole class session, focus is on reviewing the 5 domains of literacy: Phonics, Vocabulary, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency and Comprehension. Stephanie recommends starting with a quick phonemic awareness warm-up, and then heading into phonics practice by constructing and sounding out words (approximately 10 minutes). The next 10 minutes is spent practicing vocabulary (sight words, object words, etc), followed by 10 minutes reading a story and working on the skill of the week for comprehension.

Center Practice

After the whole class session is completed, students break off into groups to work in centers. Stephanie has her centers divided on a cute board to match her classroom theme. It tells students which group they belong to and in what order they should complete the centers.

Center Setup for Daily Literacy Review
Photo Source: First Grade Fabulous Fish

Centers are divided for practice in the following areas:

  • Independent Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonics
  • Comprehension

Students carry a folder with them to each center where they collect their completed work. The folder also contains a log Stephanie uses for grading the student's work at each center for the week, as well as an independent reading log at the bottom. The log is provided as a FREE download here, along with copy of the grading scale.

For a breakdown of how Stephanie runs her 90 Minute Literacy Block (complete with pictures), be sure to head over to her site First Grade Fabulous Fish!

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