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Fourth of July Skill Practice Preschool Printables
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Kick start your lessons for the upcoming holiday with this fun 'preschool pack' from Amber and Madonna of A Teaching Mommy. In it your kiddos will find practice for a menagerie of skills - size sorting and sequencing, pre-printing/pattern writing, fine motor scissor skills, patterning, graphing, and so much more! Our favorite activity...

Roll & Graph Fireworks

Using the patriotic clip art die {included in the pack}, students take turns rolling and recording the results until one column is completely filled {i.e. the item has been rolled ten times}. When complete, students can compare their data using comparative math terms like more than, less than, most, least, equal, etc.

The download is completely free so be sure to head on over to A Teaching Mommy and get the patriotic fun started!