Thanksgiving Turkey Pattern

turkey pattern
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This Thanksgiving season, give your preschoolers a learning exercise "wrapped up" in a fun craft! Super Teacher Worksheets' turkey pattern printable provides the perfect complement - with its simplicity and versatility you can alter it to fit any lesson or unit! Here are a few example activities!

Button Color Collage Feathers

Provide students with a variety of buttons in assorted colors - including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. Using craft glue or Mod Podge, invite your preschoolers to collage each feather with a different color.

Feather Counting

Script a number on each feather of the turkey template - one through eight. Provide students with school glue and craft pom poms in assorted colors. Invite students to count out and glue the appropriate number of pom poms to each feather. To help your students strengthen color recognition, have them match the color of the pom poms to the number color.

turkey feather template with numbers

Writing Pattern Feathers

Create writing patterns on each of the template feathers. [For ideas on creating your own patterns, check out our previous post on the writing patterns worksheet series designed by Shirley Erwee of Shirley's Preschool Activities.] Before assembling the turkey craft, have students trace the patterns for some excellent pre-writing practice!

turkey feather template with tracing patterns

Shape Feathers

Decorate each template feather with various traceable shapes. As students trace the objects, they'll strengthen shape recognition and fine motor skills, while learning how to properly form basic shapes. Have them color in the shapes before assembling the turkey.

turkey feather templates with shapes

You won't want to miss the exciting learning opportunities this simple Thanksgiving turkey template provides, so be sure to visit Super Teacher Worksheets for the download!

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