Thanksgiving Turkey Feather Patterning Activity Center

Thanksgiving Turkey Feather Patterning Activity

As this activity shows, colorful turkey feathers offer a great opportunity for patterning practice with your preschoolers and kinders this Thanksgiving!

While you felt and foam make great options, we used this fabulous free turkey template from Super Teacher Worksheets to create a construction paper turkey and feathers, as well as activity cards and an extension worksheet for the center. [NOTE: While not shown in the photos, we highly recommend laminating the activity center pieces to reduce wear and tear!]

Turkey Feather Patterning Activity Center

First, invite students to use the activity center cards and the turkey pieces to practice creating various patterns.

Thanksgiving Turkey Feather Patterning Worksheet

Then, once they've worked with the various patterns, invite students to practice making their own - recording their patterns on the provided worksheet.

Along with identifying and creating patterns, this activity will also strengthen your students' fine motor coordination as they manipulate the turkey pieces to match the various activity cards/create their own patterns!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Feather Patterning Activity Center

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