Textured Finger Paint

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blossoming, trees are filling out, the grass is getting greener, and many people are already beginning the process of gardening. Help your preschoolers understand where these beautiful plants come from in a new and exciting way. Amanda Morgan, creator of Not Just Cute, suggests introducing seeds to students through art and play time, specifically through seed finger paint! You don't have to go to the store and buy seeds, just take a look in your pantry for some culinary seeds. Morgan used different types in each color. Her plan:

- Fennel seed with green
- Poppy seed with blue
- Sesame seed with yellow

The colors all mix well together (avoiding ugly brown paintings) and each is given a different 'texture'. Ask your students to explain how the seeds feel in comparison to the paint and how the seeds look different from one another. A great spring activity your students are sure to enjoy!

Seed Finger-Paint « Not Just Cute

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