Tell Dad He "Rocks" on Father's Day

This is a great, albeit different, Father's Day gift that your students will certainly enjoy crafting!

Supplies You'll Need
- Wooden plaque
- Rocks or smooth pebbles
- Wiggle eyes
- Craft glue
- Black Sharpie marker

First things first, go on a rock hunt around the school yard! Tell your students to find one rock for each member of their family and encourage them to collect several sizes, colors, shapes, textures, etc. Back in the classroom, provide each of your students with a wooden plaque and craft glue, instructing them to adhere their rocks to the base. After each rock has found a 'home' on the plaque, have your students glue two wiggle eyes to each rock. As Cassie of Our Adventures in Education found out, this can be a messy task so be sure to make yourself available to help those in need and have access to a clean-up station!

Set the projects aside to dry for the night. When you return, work with each student to write the names of each family member under the correct rocks and entitle the plaque with "The _______ Family!" A neat (unique) craft to try for Father's Day!

Father's Day (or any other day!) Gift Idea | Our Adventures in Education

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