Teaching Teens Money Management Skills

In light of consumer debt, economic hardships, and the threat of inflation, it is now more important than ever to teach teenagers about personal finance. Tammy Andrew, educator and Suite101 contributor, sites in her article advocating teen money management courses that "only 3 states require students to take a personal finance course before graduating" with 18 others requiring subject appropriate elements to be included in other established courses.
To fill this current gap in education, Andrew suggests two web-based financial literacy advocates, Jump$tart and MoneySKILL, that offer training and resources for students and educators regarding such topics as career choice, sources of and things that affect income, savings, investing, and money management. While presented in different ways, both address general standards and competencies that every teen should be proficient in before graduating. While MoneySKILL provides self-created learning modules on multiple topics, Jump$tart incorporates resource lists for use in the exploration of subjects.

Money management is an important skill for every teen to master. If you're looking for ways to incorporate these lessons and topics into your schedule, be sure to check out the rest of Tammy Andrew's article, as well as, these wonderful online resources! Check out our great selection of classroom money sets.

Personal Finance Curriculum for Teens: Essential Content for Young Adult Money Management Courses

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