Sunchatchers for Vibrant Easter Decorations

The dynamic colors used in Easter and spring crafts are brilliant for adding a splash of color to dormant winter classrooms! Especially for those that have windows, creating themed suncatchers will bring your classroom decor to a whole new level.

Supplies You'll Need
- Overhead transparencies
- Glass paints or markers
- Hole punch
- Ribbon
- Kids scissors Encourage your students to design their own Easter theme. Some may choose to leave their canvas the way it is and draw a picture, fun patters and designs, or decorate using words and symbols. Other students may decide to cut their transparency into a specific shape such as an Easter egg, a flower, a bunny, or even an Easter basket. Encourage greater detail if you're working with older students. Leave the crafts to dry overnight, add a construction paper border if appropriate, and use a hole punch and ribbon to hang these masterpieces on the classroom windows. This is a wonderful activity to display through the season and a beautiful gift to take home afterward!

Easter Egg Suncatcher - Easter Kids Craft

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