Summer Star Unit - Copying & Making Constellations

Summer Space and Stars Preschool Lesson Plan
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Having your kiddos practice tracing or drawing constellations is another great activity to include in your summer star unit! We found this introductory worksheet {pictured left} at KidsSoup to get you started. Sharpening visual discrimination skills, students must study the picture of the constellation in order to re-create the image in the space provided. [NOTE: Before they attempt drawing, invite your kiddos to trace the picture provided in order to get a feel for the shape!]

Once they've had practice copying various constellations, provide them with a "constellation map" or "star paper" and invite them to create their own! Since your kiddos will be experimenting with shapes and ways to connect the dots, provide them with a practice map to use in working out the kinks. After creating their unique constellation, being sure to record it on the official constellation map {pictured below}, have them name it and craft a mythical tale about its origin. Include this information on the new constellation form, providing each child with a certificate of "discovery authentication". If you're feeling ambitious, take all of your students' newly discovered constellations and merge them into a complete sky map. Invite students to try and match each constellation to their creator.

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Summer Star Unit - Copying & Making Constellations

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