Summer Outdoor Fun: Painting with Watercolor Filled Balloons!

Photo Source: Time for Play

We stumbled across this idea over at Time for Play and thought it looked like a ton of fun! If your kiddos are itching to get outside, soak up the sun, and have a little bit of active messy fun, this would be a great activity!

Cari and her littles used liquid watercolors - adding a drop of color to the balloons before filling them with water - and then had a blast launching the color filled balloons at a white sheet they'd attached to their fence. The watercolors do wash out so if your kiddos happen to get some on their skin or clothes and we recommend, if you want to keep the artwork afterward, to use paper.

While a free play/art experience is great, you could also turn this activity into a learning/review game. For example, you could...

  • Print letters onto the sheet of paper and, when your kiddos hits one of the letters with their water balloon, have them identify it. (Same could go for numbers or shapes, etc.)
  • Print numbers onto the sheet, have your kiddos throw two water balloons, then find the sum or difference of the numbers they hit.

Fun right!? To read more about Cari and her kiddos water balloon fun, head on over to Time for Play!