Summer Lesson Plans

Just because the school year is winding down, doesn't mean your lessons have to! Daniella Garran, contributor to Lesson Planet, has compiled a list of ten lesson plans that will bring the excitement of summer into your classroom!

Summer Solstice

For a combination lesson in the earth and social sciences, have your students research the summer solstice, as well as, ancient traditions relevant to the phenomenon. Independence Day

Your students have likely learned in their history lessons why July 4, 1776 is significant to our country. For a fun twist, research as a class how the observance of Independence Day in America has changed throughout the years.

Graphs, Brochures, and Maps

  • Graph temperature trends in your town, state, and across the country
  • Take a poll of student vacationers, making a histogram of the different regions being visited.
  • Help students who are going on vacation to research the destination and create a brochure of interesting facts, history, things to do, etc. for their family
  • Have students find their vacation spot on a map and help them map out a route. Practice map-reading skills by having them measure the distance between points. You could also extend this by having students calculate how many gallons of gas it will take to get there, how much gas will cost based on current prices, and how long it will take to get there, etc.

Top Ten Summer Lesson Plans: Make the Kick Off to Summer Fun!

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