Summer Fun Sudoku File Folder Game

Summer Math File Folder Game Preschool PrintablePerfect for your end of the school year math center, provide your preschoolers with some summer-inspired counting, number recognition, and problem solving practice with this Sudoku puzzle printable from! While the original puzzle will certainly be too complex for your kiddos, with a few alterations, you'll have a file folder game your students will enjoy {and that won't be out of their league!}.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Summer Sudoku Printable {follow the link above}
  • Colorful file folder
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Instead of six variables {and six 2x6 boxes}, choose four images to focus on. Use the markers to decorate the chosen images and add a specific numeral to each set {i.e. label sailboats with "1", ice cream cones with "2", etc}. You'll need to color and cut out four of each object; creating 16 image tiles in total. Freehand or use word processing software to create four 2x2 grids, pasting twelve of the colored images onto the grids. [NOTE: Remember the the goal of Sudoku is to have one of each image/number in each grid, as well as one of each image/number in every column and row. Depending upon your students' skill level, you may decide to have your kiddos focus strictly on making the boxes work, or encourage them to look at the puzzle as a whole.]

Paste the title from the original printable along with the grids inside a colorful file folder. Attach half of a Velcro dot to the back of each leftover image tile and the other half to the black spots on each grid. To play: invite your students to use the leftover image tiles to complete the puzzle.

Be sure to visit for the download and get creating your own Sudoku game!

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