St. Patrick's Day Fraction Leprechaun FREEbie, with Bonus Writing Worksheet

Leprechaun Freebie for St. Patrick's Day
Photo Source: Growing Firsties

Looking for a way to incorporate St. Patrick's Day into your Math lessons? Then check out this fraction FREEbie provided by Lisa over at Growing Firsties! It's a great way for your kiddos to practice simple fractions and there's also a writing assignment included as an added bonus!

Fraction Leprechauns

Provide each of your kiddos with a copy of the leprechaun to color however they wish. Once they are finished, have them cut the leprechaun in half (up the line in the center of the page).

Leprechaun Worksheet for Fraction Practice
Photo Source: Growing Firsties

Students will keep the left half of their leprechaun and switch their right half with another student (if your students are confused on the whole left and right concept, you can tell them they will be switching the half with the smile).

After the switching is complete, have your students glue the two halves to a piece of green construction paper. Then have them fill out the label provided here with the name they chose for their new leprechaun and their own names. Lisa also provides the leprechaun worksheet divided in fourths if you think your kiddos already have a strong grasp on the 1/2 fraction. What a cute and festive way to practice fractions!

Leprechaun Worksheet for Fraction Practice Completed
Photo Source: Growing Firsties

Fraction Leprechaun Writing Extension

If you're so inclined (and who wouldn't be after creating the super cute leprechauns?!), Lisa provides a FREE printable writing worksheet your kiddos can use to tell all about the adventures of the leprechaun they created! With their mismatched leprechauns as inspiration, the writing assignment is sure to be creative!

Writing Extension for the Fraction Leprechaun
Photo Source: Growing Firsties

Be sure to check out Growing Firsties soon. Lisa's ideas and resources are sure to become a favorite!