Squirt Gun Painting - Creating Cascading Fireworks for the 4th!

Need some great craft ideas for Independence Day? We've been on the lookout and thought we'd share some fun projects we've come across that are sure to delight your kiddos!

Summer Patriotic Outdoor Art for Kids
Photo Source: jdaniel4smom.com

What kid wouldn't like to try their hand at squirt gun painting?! This awesome activity from Deirdre over at JDaniel4's Mom offers a unique chance for creating outdoor art this summer as well as a fun connection to the July 4th holiday. The cool thing is you don't need too many supplies in order to create your own cascading squirt gun 'fireworks'!

  • The canvas. A recycled white sheet or pillowcase(s), strips of butcher paper, simple sheets of art paper, etc. - anything will do!
  • The paint mixture. You may have to play with it a bit. For a more vibrant color we suggest using powdered tempera paint mixed with water or try slightly diluted liquid watercolor paints. However, diluting regular craft paint and/or using food coloring will work as well. Simply play with the ratios until you get the color you desire.
  • The water gun. Think small. Handheld water pistols or thin specialty shaped water guns (like the one used by Deirdre's son) seem to work best.
  • The learning aspect. Exploration of creative expression and fine motor building are already built into this fabulous activity. You may however wish to take it a step further. Draw shapes, letters, numbers, etc. on the canvas, inviting your kiddos to identify the item then cover it with paint. An alternative; call out a number, etc. and invite your kiddos to cover the correct item on the sheet.

We can only imagine how much fun your kiddos will have with this outdoor art/learning activity! For the full scoop, be sure to visit JDaniel4's Mom!