Spring Tree Study - Math & Science Outdoor Activity!

Spring Nature Math and Science Preschool Lesson Plan

Get outside and soak up the sun with this fantastic math and science activity from Nicole at One Hook Wonder. Armed with journal pages {like our examples}, a pencil, crayons, and a magnifying glass, send your students out for a tree study! Invite them to observe, describe, draw and/or record the following:

  • Draw a picture of the tree.
  • Draw a map of the tree's location.
  • Include a rubbing of the tree bark.
  • Include a rubbing of one of the tree leaves.
  • Measure the diameter of the tree.
  • Measure the height of the tree {if possible!}
  • Draw {or trace!} and describe the shape of the leaves.
  • Describe the texture and color of the tree bark.

Consider adding a few of these extensions to the lesson:

  • Invite your kiddos to spend a few minutes observing the tree. Have them write down all the living things they see, drawing pictures of some of the animals {squirrels, spiders, etc}.
  • Have your students sit by the tree and listen. Ask them to write about what they hear in or near the tree {leaves fluttering, squirrels chattering, birds singing, branches moving, etc}.
  • Invite your students to use a magnifying glass to look more closely at the tree. Have them record any new observations about the tree, its bark and leaves, or the living things on/around it.
  • Compare the diameters of the trees in the study. Have your kiddos order the samples from oldest to youngest, discussing how the diameter of the tree is indicative of age.

Spring Tree Study - Math & Science Outdoor Activity!


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