Spring Has Sprung Thematic Unit

Thematic Spring Unit Preschool Printable
Photo Source: thoughtsofesme.blogspot.com

Michelle, the creative face behind the blog, Musings of Me, has designed {and been gracious enough to share!} this fabulous spring themed unit that your preschoolers are sure to enjoy! Spanning multiple subject areas - math, language arts, science, and more! - this is a fantastic, easy way to overhaul your learning centers for some spring fun! Here are a few of our favorite worksheets/learning concepts...

See, Trace, Make

Perfect for learning and committing to memory new vocabulary words, students are first presented with a word and colorful image, then invited to trace the vocabulary word, and finally, asked to draw a picture of the object. By incorporating several different learning styles, {here visual and kinesthetic} you provide more opportunities for genuine learning and offer greater exposure to different concepts/information, providing more opportunities for students to "catalog" and remember the information in the future.

Color Me

Perfect for your literacy or writing center, Michelle offers a fun umbrella coloring page that will allow your preschoolers to practice color recognition, strengthen color sight word recognition, and build printing skills. Consider offering several different variations for continued practice and interest. You might...

  • Provide colorful stamp pads, inviting students to 'color' the umbrellas with fingerprints.
  • Offer sheets of colorful star stickers, etc. and ask students to cover each of the umbrellas with stickers of the appropriate color {counting out how many it takes!}.
  • Arm students with glue, paintbrushes, and colored sand {or colored sugar, colored sprinkles, colored rice, etc.} and invite them to 'collage' their umbrellas with the sensory materials.

Find the Missing Number

Have your preschoolers brush up on their number recognition skills and counting, as well as the concept of sequencing, with Michelle's umbrella/rain cloud activity. Students are presented with various number sequences, all missing a numeral, which students must locate and put in the proper place.

These are only a few of the activities in Michelle's 111-page "Spring Has Sprung" unit. Be sure to head on over to her site for the full download and some fantastic spring fun!