Spring Game for Preschoolers

Tree Blooming Game

In a short time, Preschoolers are charged with the task of learning a whole host of information that will serve as the building blocks for their entire scholastic career. This, coupled with their incessant curiosity and wandering mind, makes a Preschool teacher's job highly important, but also extraordinarily difficult. As Preschoolers learn best by doing, hands-on activities that encourage sensory exploration in the learning process are highly recommended to foster development and keep students engaged. Tami, creator of Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers, has developed a fun, interactive game to assist Preschool teachers in reinforcing number recognition and counting skills. Starting with a simple piece of construction paper, sketch or photo copy the shape of a tree. Because this activity will see a lot of wear and tear, it may be appropriate to cover the game board with contact paper or use a machine to laminate it.

Tree Blooming Game Two

From your local craft store, pick up a few packages of pre-made flowers. Tami suggests using colorful scrapbooking flowers, but if funds are tight, colorful wonderfoam sheets can be fashioned into game pieces as well. To play, have your students roll a die and identify the number rolled. Instruct them to count out as many flowers as the die calls for and place them on the tree. Have your students repeat this process until their game board is full.

For an extra challenge, use different kinds of dice. Some die have dots and others display actual numbers. Dots help strengthen counting skills, while the others encourage number recognition. Additionally, as students become comfortable, add another die into the game for practice counting higher numbers.

Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers: Blooming Tree Dice Game