Spring Color-By-Number

Color by Numbers Coloring Page Preschool Printable
Photo Source: www.kiboomu.com

The fantastic thing about color-by-number activities is that they're highly versatile. Leave them on your students' desks in the morning to complete before the bell rings/morning meeting time, keep a bin of them near your desk for transitions between activities or when students complete an activity faster than expected, or even make them part of your daily math center exercises. These activities not only provide your students with a fun art exercise, they also strengthen color and number recognition along the way! We found this fantastic spring themed color-by-number exercise at Kiboomu and thought we'd pass it along!

Worksheet Applications

While the concept is great on its own, here are a few ways you can spice up the activity for continued use.

  • Provide an accompanying math worksheet with simple addition, subtraction, or even sequencing questions. Completing the problems in order, students solve for the answer, look for the corresponding number on the color-by-number activity key, and color in the correct sections on the worksheet. For this activity you'll need ten problems with solutions ranging from 1 to 10.
  • Provide students with a pair of dice. Invite them to tally up the dots after each roll, look for the corresponding numeral on the color-by-number activity key, and color in the correct sections on the worksheet. Have students continue until the worksheet is complete.
  • Turn the worksheet into a "Roll the Scene" activity. Color, cut out, and laminate each piece of the scene {the butterfly, the sun, etc} and provide students with these pieces, along with a full laminated worksheet {that will act as a 'game board' of sorts} and a pair of dice. Invite your students to roll the dice, tally the number of dots, pick out the corresponding numeral and pieces, and place the selected pieces onto the uncolored worksheet/game board.

Be sure to visit Kiboomu for the download and for lots of other early childhood resources!