Snowmen Ten Frames FREEbie!

Ten Frames Snowman Activity for Winter
Photo Source: Primary Inspiration

If you're looking for a seasonal idea for practicing ten frames with your kiddos this winter, check out this activity provided by Linda over at Primary Inspiration. The ten frames and corresponding worksheet are provided as FREEbies and offer the opportunity to practice ten frame recognition for the numbers 0 through 10. We love that this idea will get your kiddos up and out of their seats for practice! A nice break from your typical centers.

Before you begin the activity, place the snowman ten frames in various spots around your classroom. Then have students walk around and complete the worksheet, documenting the number represented on each snowman. You could also use the ten frame snowmen afterwards to practice sequencing in your math centers!

Head over to Primary Inspiration to grab the FREEbie and to check out Linda's fantastic blog!