Snow Dance

Singing and dancing are classic activities that are a hit in the classroom. Learning the lyrics of a new song challenges student memory and provides a great opportunity for oral expression. Dancing allows students to burn off extra energy while promoting brain development and muscle coordination. It can be especially helpful in the winter months when you're cooped up in the classroom and need to inspire excitement in your students. Prepare for this exercise by making cutout snowflakes, decorating them with markers and glitter. Get into the fun by donning winter attire: gloves, hats, and scarves. Jackets are optional, but tend to get quite warm when worn in the classroom. Pretend that you and your students are going on a nature walk in a snowy park and that snowflakes are swirling down around you. Encourage your students to twirl, tumble, jump, and dance around while holding their snowflakes. As they pretend to be part of the snowstorm, have them sing the lyrics of The Idea Box's song, "Dance Like Snowflakes". This is a great activity to chase away the winter blues.

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