- Children Reading Stories Aloud

videos of children reading stories aloud
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Reading {and rereading!} passages and books aloud is a great way to help students improve fluency and comprehension, as well as gain confidence as readers. In perusing some of our favorite crafting and lesson sites, courtesy of Living Locurto we came across, a website created by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar where teachers, parents, and students can access videos of stories being read aloud by children. Not only does this make a great resource for story time and transition between activities {it can be fascinating for kids to hear others their own age reading}, it provides inspiration for a fun classroom project as well!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Digital video camera
  • Tripod
  • Children's books

Have your students to pick their favorite children's book and invite them to spend the week - at home and during free time at school - reading it aloud, getting comfortable with the vocabulary, phrasing, and speed. Introduce the idea of capturing their storytelling on video. Some students will jump at the chance while, for others, the idea can cause anxiety, so be sensitive to your students' needs and feelings. These videos can make great keepsakes and classroom resources!


  • Do an "echo reading" with each student - reading a passage from the book and having them repeat it.
  • Have students read with a partner or group.
  • Record the entire class reading a story or reader's theater.

[NOTE: This could also be a great extra credit project for your middle and high school students - reading popular children's books and poetry on camera to create a resource that teachers and students can use in the early childhood classroom!]