Simple Halloween Counting Mat

Do your preschoolers enjoy using counting mats? Here are two Halloween themed variations that not only provide a sensory experience for your kiddos and build counting skills, but strengthen number recognition and fine motor coordination as well!

How Many Black Cats?

Halloween Counting Preschool Printable

The activity originally emerged because we unearthed a bag of black craft puffs and, seeing this cute tutorial for turning them into black cats for Halloween over at CraftJr, wanted to create a center activity to show off their cuteness.

**Unfortunately the pictures of the activity were taken before the craft puffs were turned into cute kitties, but we're certain you'll get the gist!

{Directions}: Provided with the laminated counting mat and moon number pieces (placed in a cauldron or cute Halloween themed bag), invite your students to select a moon from the bag, identify the numeral on the moon, then count out the correct number of kitty puffs onto the counting mat.

Halloween Counting Preschool Printable

If you don't have the time to turn 15 craft puffs into Halloween characters, this mat would also work with black play dough. Invite your kiddos to roll a ball for each cat, adding chenille stem ears, wiggle eyes, and a mini craft puff nose to create their own Halloween cats. This version will certainly take longer, but it would be a great sensory/fine motor building exercise!

How Many Jack-O-Lanterns?

We created a second mat and the only change is that your students would use jack-o-lantern counting pieces. Again, you can find a super cute jack-o-lantern pom pom craft over at CraftJr (follow the link above) or students could use orange play dough to create their own counting pieces!

    Simple Halloween Counting Mat


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