Sight Word Readers

Sight Word and Literacy Preschool Printable
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These sight word readers from Kathryn at Kindergarten...Kindergarten... are fabulous resources to have in the classroom! Highly interactive and fun, these little gems invite your kiddos to explore the new vocabulary words in context {the best way to learn them!}.

Book List

Kathryn has various sight word readers available for download at her blog...

  • I Like Parties. Students explore I and like. {Pictured above}
  • Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. Students explore I and see, as well as various color words. {Pictured above}
  • Animal School. Students explore I and see, while pulling from their knowledge of the alphabet, beginning letter sounds, and picture clues to identify various animal names.
  • I Am. Students explore I, am, and like.
  • I Can. Students explore I, am, and can.
  • I am an Artist. Students explore I, like, and to.
  • I Go, Go, Go. Students explore I, go, and to, as well as various forms of environmental print.
  • We Like School. Students explore we, like, and can.
[NOTE: For recommendations on using these readers - identifying/marking sight words, etc. - be sure to read Kathryn's full post!]

This is just the first set of downloads with more promised in the near future so be sure to visit Kindergarten...Kindergarten... for these amazing resources {and keep it on your radar for more fantastic printables and resources}!