Sight Word Practice Ideas (with Chants!)

Sight Word Password Idea
Photo Source: Growing Kinders

Increase the excitement while learning sight words with these fun ideas featured by Kathleen over at Growing Kinders! Repetitive practice is sure to reach mundane pretty quickly when you're dealing with would probably be met with blank stares about 5 minutes in. Keep your kiddos engaged by using different activities to practice one or two new sight words each week.

Sight Word Password

We absolutely love this idea! What Kindergartener wouldn't LOVE having to provide a password to enter their classroom?!? Use your sight words for the week as your password. Be available near the door each morning and ask them to provide you with the 'password' before they can enter. The sign Kathleen uses is pictured above. She also provides several different versions on her site!

Fridge Practice

Provide your kiddos with a worksheet each week for writing out their new sight words. Then have them take the worksheets home and hang them on the fridge for daily practice.

Fridge Worksheet for Sight Word Practice
Photo Source: Growing Kinders

Practice with Magnetic Letters

Use two magnetic boards with letters to spell out your sight words each week. Every morning (and throughout the day) mix the letters up. Then have students take turns rearranging the letters to spell their sight words.

Magnetic Letters for Sight Word Practice
Photo Source: Growing Kinders

Sight Word Chants

Practice sight words with daily chants! Kathleen uses popsicle sticks to make selecting a chant simple. She labeled one side of the popsicle stick with the name of the chant and placed the instructions for completing on the back (a complete list with instructions is available on her blog). SO clever!!

Chants for Sight Word Practice
Photo Source: Growing Kinders

Head over to Growing Kinders to grab the FREE printables and labels you'll need to implement these fun ideas in your class!

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