Sight Word Flash Cards

Introducing your preschoolers to common sight words and helping them commit these words to memory can only help them become better readers in the future. Created using Literacy Connections list of basic sight words, these flash card printables are great to keep around for use during classroom activities.

Sight Word B-I-N-G-O

Use an online B-I-N-G-O card generator (like the one at Teachnology) to create game cards for your students. Place the sight word flash cards in a large bowl or bag, drawing and calling out the words to your students. This is a great way to review words or letters you've been working on in class. Sight Word Stories

Provide students with old magazines and invite them to clip their favorite "characters" and objects (e.g. a girl, a boy, a dog, a pizza, etc.). Using the sight word flash cards help each student make a simple sentence with their clippings (e.g. The boy has a dog.). As each child creates a sentence, write it on the board, compiling the sentences to create a class "story". While it will likely lack plot or even a true beginning, middle, or end, this is a great exercise for reviewing sight words as well as creative writing and sentence structure.

Sight Word Race

Line up a selection of sight word flash cards at one end of the room. Divide students into two groups and have them line up single file. Call out a sight word and have the first two students in each line race to find the correct card. The student who finds it takes it back for their team and the process repeats until each student has had a chance to play (or until all the sight words have been reviewed). This helps with recognition, teamwork, and gives a bit of active play to help students "get their wiggles out"!

Sight Word Flash Cards


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