Shape Matching with Geometric Solids

If you're like most teachers, you likely have toys laying around the classroom that could provide great lesson material, you just don't have any idea how to incorporate them into what you're learning. Chasing Cheerios, a blog that offers great teaching activities and resources, details a wonderful activity for teaching shapes to your preschoolers using the geometric solids. To begin, either print the shape cards provided through the link at Chasing Cheerios onto card stock or make your own by cutting pictures from magazines, using clip art, or finding pictures of everyday objects that represent the different geometric solids through search engines online.

For the activity, line your geometric solids up on a table. Melissa suggests lining them up from top to bottom instead of left to right. Provide you students with the stack of shape cards and invite them to match the shape on each card to the appropriate solid.

Chasing Cheerios: Geometric Solids Extension

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