Shamrock Pattern Matching

shamrock pattern matching file folder game for St. Patrick's Day
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We ran across this great shamrock pattern matching activity created by Preschool Printables while perusing one of our favorite homeschool sites, Rockabye Butterfly. Originally designed as a file folder game, this free printable provides many great lesson ideas for your St. Patrick's Day unit!

baby block 1 Use the printable as designed, creating a file folder game for students to use during free time or at a classroom learning center. Students will certainly enjoy tackling the challenge independently.
baby block 2 Mount the patterned shamrocks onto blank index cards and laminate. Have your students use these to play a shamrock memory game in small groups.
baby block 3 Print two sets of patterned shamrocks, inviting students to use the cutouts to complete simple patterning exercises - AABB, ABAB, ABBA, ABCABC, etc.

However you decide to use these fantastic shamrock printables, your students are sure to have a blast! Visit Preschool Printables for the download and for some other great printable activities!

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