Shamrock Folder Game

If you're scrambling for last minute St. Patrick's Day ideas, here is a neat, easy-to-assemble game idea from Karen, a PreKinders contributor. While created for kindergarteners and first graders, this game can be tailored to other elementary classrooms as well.

Starting with a green file folder, create a colorful game path with various colored dots and random shamrock shapes. For simplicity, Karen provides wonderful templates to be used in assembling these fun folder games including a game board, title, directions, shamrock cards, and even a tab label.
Collect green game pieces from around the classroom. These could include a dinosaur, a button, a wooden block, etc. Divide your students into groups of four and provide each group with a die (or multiple die to strengthen number recognition and counting skills). There isn't a specific start or finish position so allow each group to agree on a starting point. As students progress around the game board, have them collect a shamrock card each time they land on (not pass) a shamrock space.

The game ends when all the shamrock cards have been taken. Have each student count out their cards, with the winner receiving a piece of gold wrapped candy from the pot. Have your students play until every student has received a prize!

St. Patrick’s Path Game — PreKinders