"Rock Your Socks" Letter Recognition Activity

Letter Recognition Game with Rocks
Photo Source: Time for Play

Pratice letter and name recognition with your youngsters with this simple activity that was featured on Time for Play. All you need to put the activity together are rocks (what child doesn't have a pile laying around outside...), a long sock, white paint and markers! Let's get started!

Rock Your Socks

Gather a bunch of rocks and paint them white (really any light color would do). Once the paint has dried, write a letter on each rock. Could be the entire alphabet if you have enough rocks and want to practice them all. Or, print your child's name on the rocks - one letter at a time.

Then, put the rocks into a sock and let the game begin!

Note: If you're working on the entire alphabet, only put a few letters in the sock at a time.
Letter Recognition Game Using Rocks
Photo Source: Time for Play

Have your little ones pull the rocks out one at a time and decide how you want to play. They could practice ordering by putting the rocks in alphabetical order, spelling short sight words, or have them spell out their names (if your kids are on the younger side, it may be helpful to have the words or their names spelled out on index cards to assist in the process).

Letter Recognition Ordering with Rocks
Photo Source: Time for Play

You could also use your painted rocks to play a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe! So many options with so few supplies. We love quick and easy ideas!

Tic-Tac-Toe Game Using Rocks
Photo Source: Time for Play

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