Recycling Old Paint Chips for A Matching Game

Have old paint chips lying around the house just waiting for a purpose? Katherine Marie of Katherine Marie Photography shares this fun matching game that is perfect for preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

Making the Game

Crayola has partnered with Dutch Boy to provide parents and children with fun interior paint for bedrooms, play areas, and game rooms. Not only are their colors fun, but their paint chips are just as creative as their products and work perfect for this game! Go to your local Sherwin Williams and collect several colored paint chips (make sure to get two of each color). Leave one paint chip fully intact, adding wiggle eyes to create a colorful 'monster' and labeling it (e.g. "blue", "red", etc.) with a Sharpie marker. The second paint chip will be cut apart providing a strip of color to adhere to a clothespin. Label this color strip as well.

Playing the Game

Provide your preschoolers or kindergartners with the monster paint chips and a pile of color-coded clothespins and invite them to match the colors. As you go, work on letter recognition by pointing out the labels. Your students are sure to enjoy this game!

Katherine Marie Photography | Paint Chip Matching Game

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