Recognizing Relationships - Things That Go Together

Recognizing Relationships Preschool PrintableHere's a simple activity to help your kiddos learn and practice recognizing things that go together - cookies and milk, ketchup and mustard, cake and ice cream, etc. The exercise is easy to put together and it's something your students can work with independently or in a group!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Things That Go Together download {see link below}
  • Laminator and laminating pouches
  • Single hole punch
  • Legal size expandable folder file
  • Binder rings 

Download, print, and separate the flash cards. Laminate {optional} to reduce wear and tear. Use a single hole punch to place a hole at the top of each flash card, as well as in the folder file, and attach the flash cards to the folder using binder rings. To play, show students one side of the match and invite them to guess the other part of the pair! [NOTE: To get the folder to stand up, place a weighted object in the expanded folder file and place a staple at the top of each side.]

Recognizing Relationships - Things That Go Together


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