Recipes for Homemade Finger Paint

You can never have too many varieties of finger paints for your students to explore. Different textures provide different sensory experiences and help children learn about and order their world. Here are some great homemade finger paint recipes provided by Susan Caplan, Suite 101 contributor. Textured Finger Paint

Start with a base of one cup flour and one cup water, then add different textured ingredients for a slightly different experience. One and a half teaspoons of salt will give the mixture a grainy feel and provide a bit of shimmer to the final product. Sand will also have a grainy texture. For a rough texture, try adding coffee grounds, uncooked rice, or even sawdust.

Adding dishwasher liquid or soap to the flour, salt, and water mixture will thin out the paint and make it slick or slimy to the touch. Corn syrup will also make the paint feel slick, but will add a glossy finish to the final results.

Other Finger Paint Ideas

Caplan also suggests doing art with shaving cream, pudding, and provides a recipe for laundry detergent paint as well. Be sure to check out her article for more information on these great finger paint alternatives!

Simple Homemade Finger Paint Recipes

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